WHM Work Connections

Learning Provision award


Learning Provision Award

WHM Work Connections (WHM) is an innovative and renowned Community Life Choices Service within Leicestershire. By providing a combination of continued training, work experience, and accredited courses, WHM supports adults with learning disabilities on their individual personal development pathways.

“More than 130 adults currently attend WHM, from all over Leicestershire and beyond, ranging from 18 to 60 years of age. Participants can access training at three skills centres on subjects including animal care, horticulture, catering and hospitality, woodwork, rural crafts, grounds maintenance and conservation. Hands-on practical training is complemented by classroom-based theory sessions.

“Outcomes for learners include formal qualifications, paid work placements within the community, and improved health and wellbeing. Learners become more engaged in the community, gain more personal independence and reduce reliance on other services.

“WHM supported the start-up of Countryside Enterprises (CECIC) – a community interest company owned and run by those attending WHM – created to recognise the products and services created by WHM participants. CECIC offers a café, gardening and car washing services, and a farm shop. Everyone that attends WHM is involved in CECIC in some way; it is a meaningful vocation for learners not ready for paid work, and everyone involved receives a share of the profits.”

Kristopher Jackson, a participant at WHM Work Connections, said: “I have attended WHM for many years. I interact with the public, which has helped me to overcome my anxieties. I completed a Food Hygiene Certificate and an Employability Skills qualification, which helped me get a paid job at the Coffee Hatch. I am very proud of this! Before WHM I did not have a job, I would give WHM and their staff an award for changing my life.”