Washington Shearer

Return to Learning Award


Return to Learning Award

Washington had hidden the fact that he couldn’t read or write all his life, however with the help of Adult Education Wolverhampton he is now aiming to put that right. 

While in prison Washington started to learn basic English and this made him want to learn more. On probation he decided it was time to turn his life around, and eventually found the confidence to sign up for an Entry Level 1 English class.   

Although unsure at first, Washington soon discovered that he loved learning, and found himself looking forward to every class. He passed his exams and has progressed to Entry Level 2.  

Washington can now connect and communicate with his family using social media and participate more fully in family life. His confidence and self-esteem have grown, and he now has ambitions to work as a mentor, sharing his story and helping others who are in a similar situation to the one he was in.  

Washington said, “Studying is empowering me. I now believe in myself and have expectations for a much brighter future. I’m so happy I can now sit with my grandchildren and read them a story!”  

Washington’s nominator and tutor, Pamela Lavender, said:

“Washington sees this as his second chance. He is always positive and willing and helps his peers whenever he can.”