Sobia Soz




Sobia embarked on her learning journey to rebuild her life and confidence after overcoming significant trauma and adversity, including divorce and losing support networks. Sobia achieved the highest grade possible in her English GCSE, whilst also completing a range of other courses. She is now learning British Sign Language to make her practice as an education support worker more inclusive.

“Starting my English GCSE in 2022 marked a significant turning point for me personally and for my career. Despite initial hesitancy, I overcame big challenges to achieve a grade 9. The nurturing environment provided by Bolton College instilled in me a sense of belonging, sparking a newfound love for learning and a drive to use my own story to support others.

“Through volunteering, I eventually earned a role as an education support worker at the college. Working with young people feels like a calling I was always meant to answer.

“I passed my British Sign Language Level 1 to ensure that all learners feel supported and valued, and I am soon to start Level 2. I would also like to complete an Access to Higher Education course in Primary Teaching and Education.

“I’m determined to share my story, to show others that education can be a lifeline in tough times. I want to inspire and empower, using my experiences to uplift those who might be facing their own challenges. It’s all about embracing lifelong learning and resilience, and I’m ready to lead by example.”

Karen Westsmith, Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Quality at Bolton College, said: “Starting from a place of feeling lost and disconnected, Sobia’s journey has been one of remarkable transformation. Now, she’s passionate about championing education and making everyone feel included. Sobia is proof that education isn’t just about facts and figures; it’s about rebuilding yourself and finding your place and your people. Sobia is on a mission to spread that message far and wide, sharing her own experiences to light a fire in others.”