Seong Chua

English Language Learning Award


English Language Learning Award

Brought up in a traditional Chinese family in Malaysia and educated in a school which did not teach English, Seong never imagined that she would have a second chance to better her education. But she found the courage to enrol on a level 1 ESOL class at Adult Education Wolverhampton (AEW) and embark on a learning journey that has transformed her life and the lives of others.

I felt misunderstood, isolated and lost. I knew that educating myself would better my life mentally, emotionally and physically so I decided to enrol at AEW. I felt empowered! Step by step I’ve been given the opportunity to challenge myself and see how far I can go. I’m currently working towards level 2 English, and having passed level 2 maths I’m now on a GCSE bridging course.

Learning has given me the chance to grow as an individual and have aspirations for a brighter future. These are the happiest days of my educational life. My self-esteem is restored and I am confident. I volunteer for AEW at open days and events and as part of their Talk English project and also as a Chinese teacher in Birmingham. I joined the school PTA and I also interpret for my friends at hospital appointments.

I wanted to prove that I am capable, strong and determined and that I can accomplish whatever I set myself to do. I wanted to be a good role model to my daughters and they say that they are very proud of me. This fills me with pride.

Cate Ball, teaching, learning and assessment manager for communication studies at AEW said

Seong is an admirable and remarkable person. Her resilience and determination have stuck with her and have helped her to achieve and encourage others to do the same.