Sabri Sevrim




Sabri and his partner moved to the UK in 2019.  They wasted no time and enrolled on an entry 1 level English for Speakers of Other Languages course. Since learning English, Sabri’s life has changed for the better in all aspects of his life. He has now gained British citizenship for himself and his partner, found employment, made new friends, and improved his mental health.

When I first arrived in the UK, I couldn’t speak any English – I wasn’t even able to order a cup of coffee. I needed to learn English, to be able to support myself and my partner in this country, and to become a part of the community. That’s when we started on an ESOL class at Oldham Lifelong Learning. I want to improve my English and then apply for Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Vocational.

Since I started to speak English, I felt more confident because I am empowered to do well for myself and my partner. I can solve problems we face and make a better life for us. I now feel positive and don’t worry as much because I have found good people in the world, and I no longer feel alone. I feel more self-confident, and this is incredible for me. Sometimes, I can’t believe myself because I thought I wouldn’t speak English read or write.

Now I have a job, testing, troubleshooting, and updating PCs. I’m breaking my English barrier. I have sorted out many things, I applied to stay in Britain by myself for me and my partner and now we have leave to remain. I am now a British citizen! I keep in touch with many people I have met along the way on my journey in this country. I know that as I learn English, my life will be more comfortable, easy, and pleasurable. Since I started to work, I have made a few friends. My social life and job life has improved together with my English skills. Also, my partner’s life has improved with my life – to me, this is what makes life worth living.

Since finding out he is a Festival of Learning finalist, Sabri and his partner have moved in to their first home together. They have been enjoying doing DIY tasks and decorating their flat.

Adele, the ESOL Programme Leader at Oldham Lifelong Learning Service, said: Studying at Oldham Lifelong Learning Service has had a great impact on all areas of Sabri’s life, he is now contributing to society and making new friends and colleagues, his mental health has started to improve, and he has a better quality of life. Sabri has stated studying ESOL has changed his and his partners life and would tell everyone to study as their life will get better and you will be happy.”