Royal Logistic Corps




The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) trains and develops its young, culturally diverse workforce for a career in Army Logistics, but also equips them with the personal and vocational skills and industry experience for effective transition to civilian life – including a second career outside the military. 

The Royal Logistic Corps is a unique organisation in that it can employ young people with a minimal entry standard of education, train and develop them and then, depending on the length of career, return individuals into society with a significantly enhanced level of education. This will include any number of qualifications such as apprenticeships and degrees, with most costs being funded by the employer. We recruit soldiers from a diverse population, providing a proven opportunity for social mobility.   

Each of the RLC’s trade groups benefits from a bespoke vocational learning and development programme that typically extends over the first five years of an Army career. There are usually around 1,000 RLC soldiers engaged in an RLC apprenticeship programme at any moment in time, and we now also offer industry placements. This ensures our soldiers can grow as professional logisticians.  

When soldiers leave the service, the majority return to where their families are located. As an employer, we believe that if our soldiers return with the skills required for civilian jobs, they also contribute to the local economy. Soldiers not only add their technical skills to a local workforce, they take with them their long-standing military values that enhance a local community. 


A learner on an RLC apprenticeship said: “This apprenticeship has helped me throughout my career to continue my professional development. I have quickly learnt the aspects of being a professional logistician and I relish the opportunity to learn more.”