Rosie Wainwright

Outstanding Individual Learner Award


Outstanding Individual Learner Award

Rosie has shown great tenacity after a tumultuous start in life. After growing up in care and struggling through school, it has been through learning about how to help others, that Rosie has learnt how to help herself. Rosie has progressed onto a degree in law and now works as a Regional Manager for a UK-Wide Social Mobility Charity & co-runs a bespoke programme supporting young people in care.

I grew up in care and my experience of education wasn’t great, struggling to attain the grades I needed to progress into further education. I have always wrestled with personal demons and my confidence reached its lowest point after I lost my grandmother who helped raise me.

I was determined not to let this stop me and I went on to complete a level 3 Business BTEC at Lewisham College, achieving the highest grades in the class. I then completed a degree in law while struggling to make ends meet and keep myself on the right track. I realised no one was going to save me, and my only way out was through education.

I am now completing a level 5 course in life coaching, something I’ve been motivated to do following my personal experiences of growing up in care and years of trying to find my way in this world. I carried a lot of the trauma of my childhood through to my adolescence and have spent years trying to uncover what gives someone a sense of purpose in this world.

The trajectory of my career path changed as I realised my real passion is working with young people and ensuring that no one experiences what I went through as a child, or if they do, at least they won’t feel as though they’re on their own.

Tapping into something that I am passionate about has improved my confidence and this has shone throughout the work I do in my day job working with under-represented young people through delivering workshops and masterclasses.

Shahida Aslam, Director of Operations and the Helena Kennedy Foundation who supported Rosie through university, said:

Rosie has grown from strength to strength. Her resilience and determination shines through and now she is using these qualities to give back through mentoring others’.