Positive Progressions

Learning Provision Award


Learning Provision Award

Positive Progressions is an employability project that aims to increase learning and employment opportunities for those furthest away from the labour market. Participants are supported by Keyworkers and tutors who provide holistic support to find the right approach for each individual.

Many Participants join our project with low self-esteem, limited support networks and facing challenging circumstances. We recognise that learning can only begin when these challenges have been addressed, and so we work with Participants to make sure they have what they need in their home life – whether it’s food parcels, financial advice or support in building confidence.

At this point, we work together with learners to think about their goals and what they would like to achieve. Learners receive 1:1 personalised support from a Keyworker who supports them in designing SMART action plans, establishing short, medium and long-term goals, whether it’s related to basic skills, health and wellbeing or confidence and transferrable skills.

Our tutors are aware of the challenges many of our learners face and work together with Keyworkers to find solutions to any barriers they might be facing. Our recent evaluation showed that when starting the project, the majority of learners’ mental health was worse than the national average, whereas by the time they left, on average it had exceeded this.

Despite the challenges of lockdown, contact with learners remained steady, with some learners able to access more support virtually, over the phone and through socially distanced meetings.

Joanne, one of Positive Progressions’ Participants, said:

Positive Progressions became even more important to me during lockdown when my anxiety started to get worse – they never gave up on me. My Keyworker helped me to find a volunteering role, complete my college course application, and enrol on a Level 3 childcare course. They’ve given me so much confidence and have always been there to support me.”