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President's Award


President's Award

Positive People, a partnership project led by social enterprise Pluss, operates across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset offering a learning lifeline to the most socially excluded and vulnerable people in society.

Our learners come from every type of background, with every type of story. We support anyone who is out of work who would benefit from learning, including people with a physical or mental health condition, physical or learning disability, people with addictions, parents, veterans, homeless people and people who are lonely and isolated. We work with fourteen partners and our learning opportunities are unique and tailored to each person.

We run a Feel Good Shop in Plymouth to bring the community together to learn how to live a healthy life from our health and wellbeing partners, learn about managing finances from the Citizens Advice Bureau, learn how to get the most out of their digital devices, and much more. We also have two local community radio shows in Cornwall, helping people learn about media while showcasing to the community what learning opportunities are out there for them.

Our Feel Good and Fly project works with young adult care leavers, helping them learn valuable life skills, and our social prescribing helps people learn how to stay healthy and well, reconnect with society and get active.

We also teach people to live sustainably and inclusively. We run lots of activities around living a sustainable, ethical life, learning how to connect with others and give something back to the community.

These are just some examples of the learning opportunities on offer through Positive People. We have worked with over 6,000 people so far, and 63% of those have moved into further education, training, employment or self-employment.

Lucy Grant at Pluss said

We’re proud to be innovative and are always thinking of new ideas to engage with people. We feel the learning journey is just as important as the destination.