Paul Slater




As a maths and science tutor, Paul saw that many pupils would benefit from additional help with maths, but few have access to specialist support. He decided to start running free maths classes for adults in the community, so that they could better help their children with homework.

I am inspired to teach because I believe that education is one of the most important tools in life. My own experiences have informed my attitude to education. I wasn’t motivated at school and didn’t always apply myself. After school, I worked in a series of jobs that didn’t fulfil me, and that contributed negatively to my mental health.

Making the decision to go back to college and then university as an adult learner was pivotal for me.  It was hard work, but rewarding. It gave me a sense of achievement and that is what I seek to give others when I teach.

I was motivated to start free maths classes for adults because I saw that so many parents wanted to help their children to succeed, but didn’t necessarily have the mathematical knowledge to assist or the ability to pay for a private tutor.

I want to make maths accessible, and the lessons have achieved that by encouraging and supporting people to learn maths in their spare time. The learners are not engaged in the pursuit of a formal qualification, but rather learning to better their own understanding of maths, help their children and even to have fun.

Learner David said, “I really enjoy going to Paul’s classes so that I can help my children with their maths. Paul has an obvious passion and enthusiasm for the subject and conveys it in a way that is relatable and makes sense. He has a real drive to help others.”