Laura Dunn-Green

New Directions Award


New Directions Award

An Introduction into Health and Social Care course run by City College Peterborough at a local care home gave Laura the opportunity she needed to overcome her anxiety, discover her passion for caring for others, and embark on a new career.

“I had my daughter when I was 16, so I missed out on college and higher education as I was raising her. Her dad passed away when she was nearly a year old and this had a massive effect on my mental health. I fell into a deep depression and my anxiety got even worse. I struggled to leave the house at times.

My coach at the Job Centre mentioned the course to me but I wasn’t sure I was capable. With their encouragement I signed up to learn. I was a shy, reserved person who didn’t know how to socialise or talk to people who I didn’t know. The first week it took me an hour to walk through the door. Each week it took less time until I got to the point of walking straight in with a smile on my face, ready to learn.

I’ve become a much more confident person and I feel like I have a purpose. Without the course I wouldn’t be in the job I am now as a Healthcare Assistant, which I love. I felt like I had spent so many years being mum and dad that I forgot how to be me but the work academy helped me find myself and made me realise that I could make my daughter proud of me.

Claire Mansfield, health and care sector work academy tutor said, “Laura is flourishing at work and continues learning and upskilling to further her career to a manager role. Her determination shines through and she is an amazing role model for her young daughter.”