Naomi Mellersh-Tett




Naomi was at a point in her life where she was worried about what the future may hold. With the help of her support worker she identified barbering as a career she wanted to pursue and signed up for a level 2 course with Essex Adult and Community Learning College.

I was 27 years old with no formal qualifications and I was struggling to hold down any form of successful employment. I wanted to build myself a base of skills in order to gain employment in an industry I had an interest in. I completed my level 2 barbering and am now undertaking my level 3 qualification whilst working in a barbershop three days a week. In the wider community I have undertaken a voluntary role with the local dementia service, providing free haircuts to people living with dementia.

I have learnt a lot about myself and how I work and learn best, and I have learnt that having conditions like ADHD, autism and dyslexia doesn’t mean that you can’t be a productive member of society. If you set a goal and work hard it pays off.

My learning has made a massive difference to my mental and physical health.  I have an improved sense of self esteem.  I have a job that I want to get up and go to in the morning and I contribute to my household income. I am more motivated then I have ever been. In the future I plan to build on my skill set further and I hope one day to open my own successful shop.

Tania Shurlock, Naomi’s tutor said, “Naomi’s starting point is far removed from where she is now and her future possibilities are endless. Her story shows what it is possible to achieve in a short space of time with the right attitude.”