Music and Mental Health Programme – The Life Rooms

President's Award


President's Award

Liverpool Philharmonic has been working in partnership with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust since 2008 to deliver a life changing music and mental health programme. By encouraging group work and creativity, the programme has helped participants to improve their quality of life, build confidence and create a sense of community.

Liverpool Philharmonic has been working with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust for almost 15 years to build a creative community that supports and motivates its members to engage with activities that improve mental wellbeing. Through exploring themes that are important to everyone, such as connections with Liverpool and the link between music and film, we’ve created a sense of collaboration and community.

The Life Rooms programme offers courses from exploring music through colour and art to DIY Desert Island Disks and Connection Through Music. Participants use different mediums such as singing, improvisation, music appreciation, writing, painting, composition and poetry, and are encouraged to share and present their work with one another. An overwhelming majority of participants come away with improved self-esteem (91%) and mood (86%). We enable participants to develop a new set of skills and the tools for self-expression, with 86% saying our courses have supported their everyday living.

We’re proud that as well as helping individuals improve their mental health, we’ve also created a collaborative and welcoming community space. By bringing together musicians, artists, staff and participants to work together collaboratively and explore their creativity, we’ve built a supportive and motivational environment where creativity and learning are encouraged.

One of the programme participants said:

“Being involved with the Liverpool Philharmonic’s courses over the past year, I’ve been inspired to become more creative in other areas, and built up the confidence to speak to more people. I’m also much better at expressing myself. I would never have done this without the support of the Liverpool Philharmonic and would encourage others to look towards music, creativity and adult learning to improve their health.”