Jessica Waldron




Jessica’s learning journey began with completing her BICS cleaning qualifications at the Cleaning Academy in HMP Bronzefield. She has since gone from strength to strength, continuing her learning by completing additional courses including alcohol awareness and heroin awareness. She is currently attending new courses, including training to be a listener, and coaching at Brentford Football Club.

At HMP Bronzefield, I have learned how to safely work as a cleaning operative, including dealing with biohazard, with my current employer within the BICS course.  I have also refreshed my English and maths, taken courses to help understand my previous drug usage and to learn techniques to help prevent me from relapsing. Due to my positive behaviour, I was invited to attend the restorative justice team. I have also taken part in an Open University course on Criminology, assisting university students to learn about prison life/regime. Currently, I am doing a Fresh project in the gym that will help me take the level 1 Active IQ qualification. I am also training to be a listener and have started on a coaching course at Brentford Football Club.

My confidence has grown massively since I’ve started learning and assisting other learners – this has also increased my sense of worth. I am now motivated to become a better person and am optimistic that my future will be both productive and fulfilling – moving on from a life of crime to life as a model citizen.

My motivation for all that I have learnt is my family. I would love to make amends and give them a person of which they can be proud. To do myself justice and change my life. I strive to be better in all that I do, and I know that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Lynsey Reed, LBICs Vocational Instructor at HMP Bronzefield said, “Jessica has been an outstanding student from day one. She is exceptional with all she puts her mind to and promotes a positive attitude to other learners and her peers using her own achievements and experiences.”