Geoff Carter

Learning for Work Award | Sponsored by NOCN


Learning for Work Award

After an extended period of unemployment followed by a family tragedy, Geoff was proud to secure a role with the HS2 project. His construction training not only brought him skills and qualifications, it also empowered him to show his children what a good working life looks like.  

I first encountered RMF Training Academy through my work coach at the Jobcentre after a 12-month period on Universal Credit. This was a time when I needed to make a change in my life, and my training with RMF Group took me from years of struggle to full-time work in the space of months. I started with my Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards and moved on to earning Dumper Roller and Banksman certificates. Mid-training, I was contracted to the HS2 railway project through RMF’s construction division.  

While training, I lost my wife to cancer and found myself a single father to six children. RMF Group went above and beyond to support me in this period and are the reason I was able to stay in work while grieving. I also suffered a heart attack and was once again supported while I recovered.  

Learning for work has made an astronomical difference to my confidence and self-esteem. I remain employed by HS2 and have moved to a part-time role in Leamington Spa so that I can look after my children and give them structure in their lives. I am proud to serve as living proof of what’s possible when you’re given the right opportunities and support.

Dara McCarthy, Head of Social Value at RMF Group, said: Geoff has overcome immense adversity that most of the working population will never experience, yet he has managed to maintain a positive outlook throughout. He believed he was able to make a change in his life and has proven adult learning really can create stable and sustainable careers.”