FD Works

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Employer Award

As a small financial services business, FD Works understands the importance of investing in their workforce to aid growth and retention. But their commitment goes beyond what works for the business, and it is the individual and diverse approach which makes them stand out as an employer.

FD Works are a Bristol based business that work across the UK. We are a small team of 16, with half of these being apprentices and half being women. A rare standard in the financial industry where women make up just 17% of the workforce.

We have a dedicated apprenticeship programme, which we deliver in partnership with First Intuition, ranging from Level 2 to Level 4 and beyond. We tailor our provision to the person joining the team, and encourage them to carve out their own interests while supporting them both professionally and personally. As a small business its easier for our colleagues to experience different parts of the business and everyone has the opportunity to learn about different teams.

We became aware of Bristol Works, which is an initiative that works with some of the most disadvantaged schools in Bristol, to provide young people with connections, information and experience within varied careers. We support Bristol Works by providing them with industry contacts, mentoring, work experience, to connect with those disadvantaged young people and give them more opportunities.

Learning is one of the most valuable skills that should be celebrated, and we think that businesses who invest in learning deserve to be appreciated, acknowledged, celebrated, to encourage other people to take on the same challenges.

Hannah, Apprentice at FD Works, said: ‘What I think makes FD Works stand out is the people. We are in constant conversation about how we can learn better, new ways of working, and who needs most support in certain areas compared to others. Every learning opportunity has been available to me, I can pick and choose what I learn and when I learn it and who I want to learn it with.’

Kim Slater, from FD Works, said:

‘FD Works wouldn’t be where it is today without the investment that we’ve put into learning. Learning isn’t always linear, and life doesn’t happen in a straight line, so being able to constantly learn, reassess, and make sure that everybody is on the right path for them has allowed us to grow in a way that means that our staff retention is fantastic, and our business development is just continuous.’