Diana Omokore

Outstanding Individual Learner Award


Outstanding Individual Learner Award

Living in care, Diana experienced a difficult start in life, and has had to overcome significant barriers on her learning journey into higher education. However she is now studying a BSc (Hons) medical science at De Montfort University with the ambition to become a doctor.

Education was my focus and I saw it as a way out of my difficult experiences living at home. When taken into care, moving 12 different times over a short space of time was challenging and I didn’t get the support that I needed. It really got me down but also motivated me to do more and be the best that I could possibly be.

I did well in my GCSEs, achieving 10 A*- B grades and I also learnt how to play a number of instruments including the piano, flute, guitar, alto saxophone, drums, clarinet and the violin. Learning to play different instruments and being part of the Thurrock Youth Orchestra was great. It made me feel like I belonged somewhere and reduced my social anxiety.

I am an NSPCC ambassador and member of their youth advisory board as I believe young people’s voices in the community should be heard. I am also a Childline volunteer which is a role I’m really proud of given my childhood experiences. I want to be a good role model for people who have had similar experiences to mine.

I’m now working towards scoring high marks in my medical science degree so I can go on to become a paediatric surgeon.

Melissa Page, HE guidance officer at De Montfort University, said

Even though Diana hasn’t had the support of a stable family home she has made the most of all opportunities available to her and her achievements to date are remarkable.