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Learning with Technology award

CodeYourFuture provides free technology and soft skills training to disadvantaged and marginalised adults, enabling them to start careers in tech. Their 12-month vocational course, delivered by volunteers from the tech industry, has helped over 250 learners to gain the technical and soft skills they need.

“Our programme is delivered by industry volunteer trainers, many of whom are our former graduates. This ensures the programme is built and updated by those currently working in the sector, so it always meets industry needs.

“Our learners include people living below the poverty line, refugees, people with disabilities, single parents or carers, and people who are long-term unemployed. The training is free, part-time and takes a blended approach to learning, making quality training available to a range of adults who can balance learning other responsibilities.

“CodeYourFuture also provides financial support for transport, laptops, internet, lunch and, crucially, childcare. This sets the programme apart, removing multiple barriers to learning.

“Seven out of ten of our graduates secure jobs in tech, changing their lives and the lives of their families. Volunteering helps the professional trainers develop their own skills, too, like communication, mentoring, and working with diverse teams.”

Deago, a learner with CodeYourFuture, said: “I applied to CodeYourFuture’s course with minimal coding experience but a goal to find a tech career. With CodeYourFuture’s support, I overcame setbacks and learned not to doubt myself. I didn’t realise that there was actually a space that I could be a part of. My advice to someone else would be believe in yourself, and trust the process.”