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Employer Award

Breadwinners is a social enterprise giving young refugees and people seeking asylum their first employment in the UK. Over the last five years, Breadwinners have supported more than 400 young people through their programmes, with impressively high success rates in improving learners’ wellbeing and supporting them to gain meaningful employment.

“Our vision is of a community that realises the extraordinary potential for refugees to become an active part in it. We achieve this goal through three consecutive employment training programmes for newly arrived and resettled young refugees and asylum seekers, equipping them with the experience, skills and support needed to start and progress in their careers. We pay people the living wage to work on the bread market and stores for a six-month period. Nine out of ten people who have been through the programme have secured employment after completion.

“We have also trained over 400 volunteer mentors for young refugees. Our alumni are also involved in designing and collecting feedback from participants, enabling us to be responsive and adapt to learners’ changing needs.

“Our approach, combining personal and professional development and community engagement, has created a sustainable model for workplace learning that not only empowers young refugees but also fosters positive change at both organisational and community levels.”

Vanessa, a young refugee from Nigeria who completed the Breadwinners programme, said: “This job has given me a purpose. It’s taught me I can do anything. One of my goals was to work with a charity, and now I am!”