Ashleigh Emmason




Having successfully completed a level 2 business administration apprenticeship, Ashleigh continued working full-time and returned to Bolton College to embark on an access to higher education course. Ashleigh has now progressed onto a degree apprenticeship with Stateside Foods.

I was working in an administrative role and felt as though I had more to give so I visited Bolton College to see what opportunities were available. I realised that an access to higher education course was right for me, to give me options and develop my career opportunities. The course was very challenging but enjoyable and I learnt so much about business.

After this I decided to embark on a degree apprenticeship. I loved the idea of learning on the job. I felt that learning theory in university and being able to take it back to the workplace and apply it as soon as I saw fit would be more beneficial than just learning in the classroom.

I was offered a business management degree apprenticeship at Stateside Foods, the country’s largest producer of chilled pizzas. Stateside Foods pay for my degree with an additional level 5 CMI in charted management. Academic knowledge at university combined with working full time within a dynamic business has provided so many lessons I wouldn’t have experienced on an ordinary university course. I am still studying and working but this is no longer a balancing act. The support from university and work combined make my time so much more enjoyable. I am now on a management pathway and see a long-term future for myself with this company.

Jodie Cooke, curriculum leader at Bolton College said, “Ashleigh has continued to grow and excel at Stateside Foods. She has quickly become a valued and well-respected member of the workforce and I am confident that she will continue to be amazing throughout her degree apprenticeship and beyond.”