Angie Collard

Return to Learning Award | Sponsored by City Lit


Return to Learning Award

Angie discovered the joy of learning after her GP provided details of courses available through the Bournemouth Churches Housing Association (BCHA) Learn service. Angie immediately noticed the benefits of learning to her mental wellbeing and social life, and she is now an advocate for adult education in her local community.

“Before returning to learning in recent times, my life had become chaotic and unmanageable. I was lacking in confidence and self-belief, full of self-doubt, had very low self-esteem and questioned my abilities. I had no real direction, and my future seemed bleak.

“My life today is vastly improved. I have discovered that I do have potential and learning is helping me to achieve fulfilment in various aspects of my life. My confidence and self-esteem have greatly increased, and I value my achievements and myself. Along with having a sense of purpose, my horizons have broadened and I strongly feel that I am a useful and productive member of my community.

“I truly believe that the knowledge and skills I am acquiring will be instrumental in turning my dreams into reality, as my ultimate aim is to be employed in a position that will allow me to help and inspire others who are experiencing adversity.”

Mark Shaw, Personal Development Trainer at BHCA said: “Upon returning to learning, Angie quickly discovered a wide range of benefits and rapidly acquired an appetite for more education. As a result, she is making good use of her time, has started to build positive, healthy and meaningful social networks, and is managing her finances effectively. Angie is proud to have become a ‘learning ambassador’, sharing information and learning opportunities with her peers at home.”